Welcome! Here you will find the best of Martin Brundleís witty, informative and wry comments (as well as the sarcastic and sometimes all-too-brutally honest ones!) during television coverage of Formula 1 Grand Prix races from 2002 until the end of the 2011 season. (A link to earlier quotes can be found at the end of the 2002 page.)

Any quotes I missed which you would like to see included can be sent to me here. Please try to give me some clues as to when it happened.

Racing Lines ceased updating at the end of 2011, and sadly the site which continued the tradition in 2012 (brundleandfriends.blogspot.com/ ) only lasted for a few races. If anybody knows of any other site quoting Martinís best lines, please let me know.

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Martin has his own site at www.martinbrundle.com/ and is also on twitter twitter.com/MBrundleF1


One of my readers is seeking a recording of the Grid Walk during the Monaco Grand Prix in 2002. If anyone has any kind of recording of this and would be willing to lend it to her, or can upload it so that she can download it, please email me here and Iíll put the two of you in contact with each other. Thanks!

With great reluctance, I ceased updating this site at the end of 2011. I just canít justify to myself the cost of buying into Sky and Sky Sports purely in order to get access to their Formula 1 channel, and I donít have any interest in any other sports to make the expense worthwhile.

I gave some thought to opening the site to others to provide submissions, but Iím reluctant to post anything which I canít check for accuracy first, and I donít want to be in a position of misquoting Martin.

It has been a thoroughly enjoyable ten years picking the best of Martinís comments for the site (and stopping myself from simply quoting the entire commentary!) and I shall miss it more than you can imagine. Iíll even miss dragging myself out of bed at oh-christ-hundred-hours for the early races!

Love and hugs to everyone,

Callie x

2014 calendar

16 March - Australia
30 March - Malaysia
06 April - Bahrain
20 April - China
11 May - Spain
25 May - Monaco
08 June - Canada
22 June - Austria
06 July - Great Britain
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27 July - Hungary
24 August - Belgium
07 September - Italy
21 September - Singapore
05 October - Japan
12 October - Russia
02 November - United States
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23 November - Abu Dhabi